Thursday, February 21, 2013

Foot Update!

So like I said yesterday, I had several updates I wanted to post and this is my final one :) Probably until Wednesday because that's when I have my appointment with my surgeon! Anyways my foot/ankle is doing great! I am still walking/sleeping and doing everything in my walking boot, but hopefully Wednesday I get the OK to walk AND sleep without the boot! We will see! But what I really want to know is if I can start to ride again! It'd be in the boot without stirrups of course, but hey I'll take it! Anyways I have been going to pt 3x a week and I am getting much stronger! I am very grateful for my amazing pt Nancy, she is fabulous! She was actually physical therapist of the year in 2012 :) I have been biking 3 miles and doing all sorts of range of motion, therabands, woobleboards and weight exercises, it's going really well so I'm hoping Dr. Parekh will be happy with the progress!

It's been over 9 weeks post op and here's a picture of my foot! Looks much better!


So last week we got a splash of spring and winter! One day it was 65 and sunny the next it was snowing! Here are some pictures of the snow! (Thankfully its all melted, as you can see in my last post!)

Lake Time!

Hey Everyone! Today was beautiful today so Eric and I decided to take the pups to the Lake! Here are some pictures :) 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fernando is Cantering!!

Hey everyone!! Sorry it has taken me so long to update! School, pt and life in general has been CRAZY! I know I use this excuse every time, but really my life is crazy! So anyway y'all know Fern had his ultrasound to see if he can start cantering and then work up to jumping again...and he is!!! :) The only sad thing is that he probably won't ever be able to show above 3' anymore, that way he stays sound longer and his joints don't take a beating! But we kind of expected that anyway... Unfortunately, this means we are definitely going to have to lease him or sell him :( I love him so much, but he is no where ready for that, so I still have my munchkin for a while!! We have a child rider who will be ready to move up to the children's hunters at C shows (so it's only 2'9) and my trainer wants her to lease him for the summer, so that would be awesome because he would get back to showing (which he loves) and he will stay in the barn :) Here's Fern getting his ultrasound!

he looks grumpy, but he wasn't haha he was so drugged he didn't know what was happening

I also wanted to show you a picture that describes mine and Eric's relationship perfectly! This was from when his family was visiting over Christmas break!

As you can see we are both passed out on one another! haha this is us all the time with Paisley and/or Bentley cuddled up with us! I love our little family!

I also have a couple more blogs I want to post, but right now I have to get back to studying! I will try to upload them sometime before Saturday! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Update 8 Weeks Post Op

Hey Everyone!
So I just wanted to update you all with how my foot/ankle has been feeling. I am still in a walking boot 24/7 except when I shower and do my PT exercises. Right now I am doing some simple range of motion exercises and trying to gain more control with my toes. On top of that, my left hip is all messed up from being non weight bearing (this happened with the first surgery too) so I am working with therabands to strengthen that. I still hardly have any feeling in my foot/ankle area, however, the past couple of days I am starting to feel my toes a little bit! :) I go to PT 3x a week and am still not allowed to ride. I go back to my surgeon on the 27th to hopefully get the okay to start walking without my walking boot! (and maybe start riding with the boot again!) Here is a picture of my incision, its a little over 5 inches long to give you some perspective

As you can see, I still have some scabbing, but besides that the incision looks great!

On other news, my friend rode Jagger last week and he was good, I can't wait to get back on him and whip him into shape though! He was pretty stubborn and was wayyy on his forehand and hanging off the draw reins! Miranda was a champ though and by the end of it he seemed to work out of it!

 Now Fern :) He is being good...apparently... I have yet to see Bob ride him, because of our schedules not lining up! BUT he is still super excited and rears and bucks haha but really who can blame him, he is only able to walk and trot and no turn out AND it has been absolutely beautiful out! BUT today at 9am (so less than an hour and a half) he gets his (hopefully) final ultrasound which will (hopefully) give him the okay to start cantering and work up to jumping! That will definitely calm him down, because once fern can move forward he calms down :)

That's all for now!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Horse Fight

haha there was no horse fight, but certainly looks like it! Here is a pic of what Jagger looks like right now...

As you can see, his face is only half clipped... Everything else is clipped and has been for a few days now, but he refuses to let me do anything more on his face!! So I had to back down, it was getting to a point where I was going to get hurt (I'm in my walking boot, super easy to lose my balance!) so Sandy said she or Bob will finish his face for me, thank goodness!! I swear he was laughing at me, as you can see in the third pic! I still love him though! And of course I had to add a picture of Fern!! (He's next on the make over list)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tear Jearker

This story is so adorable! Makes you look at your life differently, very inspirational!