Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fernando is Cantering!!

Hey everyone!! Sorry it has taken me so long to update! School, pt and life in general has been CRAZY! I know I use this excuse every time, but really my life is crazy! So anyway y'all know Fern had his ultrasound to see if he can start cantering and then work up to jumping again...and he is!!! :) The only sad thing is that he probably won't ever be able to show above 3' anymore, that way he stays sound longer and his joints don't take a beating! But we kind of expected that anyway... Unfortunately, this means we are definitely going to have to lease him or sell him :( I love him so much, but he is no where ready for that, so I still have my munchkin for a while!! We have a child rider who will be ready to move up to the children's hunters at C shows (so it's only 2'9) and my trainer wants her to lease him for the summer, so that would be awesome because he would get back to showing (which he loves) and he will stay in the barn :) Here's Fern getting his ultrasound!

he looks grumpy, but he wasn't haha he was so drugged he didn't know what was happening

I also wanted to show you a picture that describes mine and Eric's relationship perfectly! This was from when his family was visiting over Christmas break!

As you can see we are both passed out on one another! haha this is us all the time with Paisley and/or Bentley cuddled up with us! I love our little family!

I also have a couple more blogs I want to post, but right now I have to get back to studying! I will try to upload them sometime before Saturday! 

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