Thursday, February 21, 2013

Foot Update!

So like I said yesterday, I had several updates I wanted to post and this is my final one :) Probably until Wednesday because that's when I have my appointment with my surgeon! Anyways my foot/ankle is doing great! I am still walking/sleeping and doing everything in my walking boot, but hopefully Wednesday I get the OK to walk AND sleep without the boot! We will see! But what I really want to know is if I can start to ride again! It'd be in the boot without stirrups of course, but hey I'll take it! Anyways I have been going to pt 3x a week and I am getting much stronger! I am very grateful for my amazing pt Nancy, she is fabulous! She was actually physical therapist of the year in 2012 :) I have been biking 3 miles and doing all sorts of range of motion, therabands, woobleboards and weight exercises, it's going really well so I'm hoping Dr. Parekh will be happy with the progress!

It's been over 9 weeks post op and here's a picture of my foot! Looks much better!

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