Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Well as everyone knows Thanksgiving was last week!

My family had our cousins and my Aunt down for the holiday :) It was filled with great food and fun! Throughout the week we had lobster tails shrimp, Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon, turkey, pizza, and lots of desserts and Panera! It was so much fun! But now the stress starts... Finals start next week and I still have 3 research projects to do! I also got a call from my doctor, they got the ultra sound results back and I am going to an ear, nose and throat doctor because they think one of my lymphnodes is clogged and too big, or something... But didn't sound like a big deal, phew! I also see my orthopedic surgeon tomorrow, I don't know what to expect, but I am SO ready to get out of my walking boot! Fingers crossed!

Well I thought I should update you all! I know it's short, I am hoping for some free time to show up, but the next two and a half weeks are going to be CRAZY!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Pictures!

So Eric, Fern, Jagger, Bentley, Paisley and I all got together for a Christmas photo shoot yesterday! Here are my favorites :)

Paisley was spazzing out! But look at Jagger being the best boy and standing still :)

Fern kept licking Bentley, Bentley did not like it!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Nice Little Date :)

I had a nice little date with my boyfriend after school... With all of the school work, puppies, eric's job, horses, appts, hunting, etc... we haven't had time (or the funds) to really go on a date! We went to Skyfall in IMAX, which was good considering I'm not a 007 kind of person... Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory where I got crab cakes and a greek salad and Eric got some sort of amazing pasta and chicken meal... Then we ran errands (romantic huh? haha) and then we went to the lake because it was gorgeous out! It was so nice to go out and do something different :) Here's some pictures from the lake...
Sometime this weekend, in between Eric's work and my homework, we are going to take a "family" Christmas picture with the horses and puppies :)

More Doctors Appts...

So a week ago I went to just my family doctor to check out a lump on my throat that has been growing for a year plus... I wasn't too concerned but it was time to get it checked out... They took blood and an EKG and ordered an ultrasound at Duke North Hospital that I have on Tuesday (11/20)... I went back to my doctor yesterday to go over my results for the blood, and everything was pretty normal, however... my heart (that has been fluttering for years) fluttered in front of my doctor, and I told her so she could listen to it... She didn't like the sounds of it and said I need to go see a cardiologist... yay... I'm not concerned, it's pretty normal for me, but just another dr appointment...

With that being said, after my ultrasound tuesday I am most likely going to have to go to an ear, nose and throat doctor to go through my results, if it's a cyst, it's probably not a big deal, however, if it is a tumor then I will need biopsies taken and maybe have surgery to get it taken out (I highly doubt it though, but with my luck, who knows!)...

This has been the year of doctors for my family! Hope it stops soon!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quick Update...

So not the best news in the world from the surgeon, but also not the worst...

I didn't break any bones, which I am not suprised about, but I am sentenced to the walking boot until further notice... I am not allowed to do much walking (except for class) or any riding for at least a month and a half... I see my surgeon again in 2 weeks to see how I am doing... He said I either badly sprained my foot and tore through scar tissue or I tore my peroneal tendons again... Hopefully it is the first option so I can get back to riding!!

In the meantime it gives me more time to focus on homework...Joy....

The Journey of a Crippled

I thought it would be appropriate since I am going to the surgeon's office after school today to show what recovery has been like since my surgery in the beginning of June!

On May 12th 2012 I had a bad dismount tearing two tendons (peroneals) and 3 ligaments

After a long journey of x-rays, mris, walking boots and air casts I finally got a surgery on June 5th!

When I finally awoke this is what I saw:
It was the most horrific pain I have ever been in! I was in this MASSIVE cast for two weeks then got my staples out and put in a cast, here are some pictures from that trip to the doctors:

30 Staples Before
After the 30 staples out (HURT TERRIBLY)
After :) My BRIGHT pink cast!
I was put in this cast for four weeks of the hottest summer ever! It was horrible, but it didn't stop me from going to the pool!
After the four weeks I finally got the okay to go in a walking boot, which meant I decided to ride little fern bare back (me rebelling against my doctor)...

I was SO happy, however, 2 weeks later (maybe not even) Fern got hurt... Finally at the end of August I got the okay to start lightly riding and walking without my walking cast

Riding hurt more than I thought I would, but thanks to my amazing trainer, friends and family and all of their encouragement I didn't get too bummed out... I was finally riding until a couple of weeks ago when I reinjured myself...

Like I said I have a doctor's appt today at 11:30am, so I will update you all with my status! Cross your fingers for good news! I need to get back on my horses again!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Broken Family

When I say broken I mean broken!
My mom is currently recovering from surgery, my older sister broke her foot last week, my twin sister needs surgery next month and now I may have torn my peroneal tendons again... How did this happen? Riding of course!

After my surgery in May I started riding in late August, then I found out I had qualified for NCHJA medal finals so pushed myself too fast to get to be able to compete in them November 2-4th. I rode this wonderful horse Teddy (who is for sale by the way) and rode too much and found my foot hurting, but I still decided to compete.

Teddy :)
Unfortunately, that was not the smartest decision I have made. I knew I had done something to it but didn't know what... After going to my surgeon a few days after he said I may have torn it again so I am allowed to lightly ride 2x a week and go to pt 2x a week for 6 weeks then come back to see him... Well last weekend I decided to ride, I rode Jagger first and he was fantastic, did all of his lead changes, transitions, etc... Even though it hurt, I decided to ride Fern who is being rehabbed due to a mild high suspensory tear, so it was a 10 min walk, 5 min trot, and 10 min walk all undersaddle... Well it was a beautiful day and he was extremely happy, which in turn brought on a bucking horse! I landed funny in my stirrup and felt this horrific pain in my foot... So I called the surgeon today and am now sentenced to the walking boot again and absolutely no riding :( Wonderful.... I have an appt with him on Wednesday after class for xrays and a consult again, I don't have a great feeling about it... Hopefully it is just a bad sprain! Thank you to my wonderful friend Miranda for rding Jagger while I am out and my amazing dad and boyfriend, Eric for taking me to these appointments! I will update you all on Wednesday with the results, but for now I will be taking it easy!

First Post!

Hey all!
So this is my first blog post and I am going to take the time to introduce myself! I am Stephanie and I have two wonderful horses, Fern (Fire & Ashes) my 11 year old Canadian TB, who I have had for over 5 years and Jagger (Royal Cavalier) my 6 year old Dutch Warmblood, who I recently purchased in August...
Fern :)

Jagger :)
 I also have a puppy who will be two years old on December, 25th... He's my little Christmas puppy and his name is Bentley!
Bentley :)
I am also blessed to have an amazing family! We have been able to travel all over the United States, Norway, England, Canada and Alaska (I know thats in the US but it's still cool enough to mention). My hobby horse back riding (which is pretty obvious) controls my life and unfortunately has landed me in several bad accidents. I have broken my leg, dislocated my knee cap and recently (May 2012) torn two tendons (the peroneals) and 3 ligaments which required surgery. I hope through my blog you will be able to get to know me and find my boring life (to me) not so boring :)