Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Fun

Hey all!
So it's been 12 days post surgery and the recovery has been as expected. I'm still on vicodin, but am hoping to be off of it by today! I took a half of one last night for sleep, but am hoping Tylenol PM will be able to let me get a good nights sleep from now on :) I can feel exactly where my incision is (my doctor was able to cut in the same place where my previous incision was) but the reason I can really feel it is because my staples are definitely ready to come out. They recommend you getting them out 10-14 post surgery, but due to all of the holidays I can't get mine out until Wed (15 days post-op). They are a bit painful now, especially since most of the swelling has gone down and my cast is loose so when I get up it hangs on my incision which causes a lot of pain and throbbing along my incision but also cuts my circulation off soo my toes turn purple... I'm really not even supposed to be crutching around much, but since everyone has been visiting it's hard not to be moving around.... But yesterday Eric's family left so now im "sentenced" to the couch by my family. So on that note...

Christmas was great!! My family spoiled me with a bunch of things. Some of my favorites include these nice, wicked cute brown tall boots (like upper shin length) from Alta tech! They are super nice! Also, I got a wicked adorable necklace for breast cancer awareness, makeup from Ulta, a beautiful dress, Sperrys and a bunch of other things... That was all from my immediate family.

I then spent some time with Eric and his family and they spoiled me WAY too much! I got clips for my pandora bracelet (That I have been asking for for like ever! :)), a beautiful sweater, yoga capris, a calendar, a weekly calendar (both horse related ;)) and this unbelievably beautiful diamond necklace from Kays! (this was all from Eric, needless to say I have the best boyfriend ever! haha) and his family gave me a pandora charm (which is adorable!), a monagrammed pink pen :), a pink and black blanket and pillow which his mother made! The gifts were perfect and way more than I really needed! I just wanted to spend time with them! I already miss them :(

I completely forgot! As I mentioned before I went to Maggianos with my family, Richard, Gabe, Eric and his family and it was amazing! Here is a picture with just my family before the dinner :)

As you can see, I have a MASSIVE cast right now!

The Beautifull Necklace Eric bought me, I love him :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Truth About Childhood Cancer

Please take the time to watch this video and visit the website for more information about how to reach out and spread the word!

Lots of updates

So as you all know I had surgery the 18th, however before that I was able to spoil myself with some fun ativities :)

first off I got to ride!!


And then I took the kid I nanny to the Carolina Tiger Rescue :)

I finally had surgery on Tuesday, and everything went well... I am in so much pain so I take my painkillers about 2x a day, once in the am and once at night, I hope to be off of them by wed or thurs because I hate being on medicine and I sleep when I am on it, ALL DAY!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and my family, Eric, Eric's Family, Gabe and Richard will all get together and go to this very delicious Italian place for dinner called Maggianos! :)

Then on Christmas I will be spending a while at my house and then go over to Eric's house and celebrating it with his family assuming I am feeling ok!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

So Blessed

So I've been feeling sorry for myself after finding out the news that I need surgery again... And as it gets closer the more foul I am getting. I have been angry, anxious, sad, you name it! However, today I was on youtube, and I subscribe to the Ellen Show because it is so funny and they also have some of the most inspirational people, like Talia (youtube Taliajoy) a little girl with two types of cancer who is unbelievable and should be a role model for everyone young and old. While I was on a break from studying for my last two finals (yay!) today and tomorrow I went on youtube and saw this women who I remember watching on the Ellen show in May! I remember crying because her story was so amazing... Well Ellen had here back on and here is her video:

How amazing!? She is incredible and it makes me feel so stupid and inconsiderate to be whining about my surgery! This lady is a fantastic person and is clearly one of the better people in the world!

Just needed to share this with everyone, and remember, when your down, you should be blessed to have your family and friends :) Especially around the holiday season!

Friday, December 7, 2012


So... to start with, I went to the ear, nose and throat surgeon and he said just to keep an eye on my lump :) He wasn't worried about and went spent most of the time talking about horses as he used to ride quarterhorses!! Later in the day I had my MRI for my foot/ankle... Then I went to my orthopedic surgeon on wednesday and for some reason I had convinced myself that nothing was going to be wrong and the pain I was feeling was normal...

I was wrong... wayyyy wrong

So there are two peroneal tendons that run from your leg to your foot (around your ankle area)... these are what the normal ones look like

This is what my peroneals look like... as you see one of them (#1) is completely torn! both parts of the tendon retracted so now I have this HUGE gap and frayed ends...

So when I found all of this out I just started bawling my eyes out right in front of my surgeon. I have the most amazing surgeon in the universe and he told me it was going to be alright. Like I have gotten to know him so personally because I have seen him like every week for over 8 months now! I would recommend him to anyone! People from all over come to see him and his team (who are also the most amazing people in the world!). Well anyways enough rambling about my amazing doctor and his team... So after I calmed down he told me I am very lucky to be at Duke Hospital because they are one of the few hospitals in the nation who perform this type of surgery and it's pretty new (3yrs old) but my doctor says he already has some patients running marathons who have had this surgery! This makes me feel better!

So the way he is going to fix me is by taking a tendon from a deceased person and connect it to both side of my tendon (after he cuts out my frayed ends of course). With that being said my tendon will wrap itself around this new tendon! It's pretty amazing stuff! It's the same recovery time as my surgery over the summer so I know what to expect...which means no riding for a long time :(

For now, my amazing friend Miranda is riding Jagger and I am trying to find someone who will rehab Fern back so I can lease him out! I have found someone who can do him for me, unfortunately they are an hour away and I am not sure I want him that far away while he is getting rehabbed... we will see... but I do need to make a decision ASAP as my surgery is the 18th!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Again? Really?!

Hey All!
So I forgot to mention I saw Breaking Dawn Part II with my family over Thanksgiving and am mildly obsessed with the new version of "A Thousand of Years." The movie was absolutely amazing! It was perfect! I suggest this video to anyone ;)

Also, Wednesday I had another appointment with my orthopedic surgeon... He's pretty sure I tore both of my peroneal tendons...again... I have an MRI Tuesday after my appointmet with my ear, nose and throat doctor (for my enlarged lymphnode) then I go back to my surgeon on Wednesday to find out if I need surgery again :( I am crossing my fingers because I don't want to go through the pain and I don't have time to be laid up on bed rest again!!

On another note, If you don't watch the X-Factor right now, you need to start watching it! There is a 13-year old, Carly Rose Soneclair, who is amazing! Goosebumps everytime! You need to watch it and vote for her! She's incredible!

That's all for now :)