Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So today was definitely frustrating to say the least. So I woke up when Eric woke up for work this morning so that I could get a jump start on my piles of homework. That way I had time to go to my doctors appointment and finish clipping Jagger... So I spent numerous hours on homework, but was able to finish a majority of it before my appointment. On one of my homework assignments it's made on a googledoc. The thing with this assignment is that we have to do it in a "google drive" so that we are able to work in groups. I am in a group with two other people who are incredibly nice, but one of the kids in it is a perfectionist/"its his way or the highway" kind of person. So anyways I spent about 3 hours on this assignment so that my other members didn't need to do much else on the document. However, I did know that the one kid would possibly add things to my answers, because thats how he is. Well I am currently watching him delete most of my answers and am watching him reword my answers so my teacher thinks hes the one who did all of the work! I don't mind you adding more to my answers, but don't freaking delete everything and take all of the credit! I spent hours on this stuff!! UGH!

So anyways I spent so much time on homework, but finally got it done (except watching the kid rework everything right now) and went to my doctors appointment expecting to get the okay to walk and ride in my boot (that's how it was last time). Well I got the okay to walk, but not to ride :( I am so sad! I'm stressed up the wazoo and need to ride! So anyways I have to go to pt for 3x a week for 6 weeks and then start slowly going to 2x a week, then a month 4x a week working out with 1x a week of pt and then pt every other week.... I know confusing, probably lost you all!

So I go back to my surgeon in 4 weeks and he might give me the okay to ride, he said there are too many unknowns... UGH! so then I go to the barn and I attempt to finish clipping Jagger, but didn't totally finish, I still have some of his legs and face to do plus touchups... I wanted to finish, but my foot was killing me so I had to leave..

I'm just frustrated with everything right now! But in other news, I am going to attempt to clip ferns neck/chest tomorrow then finish Jagger Friday or Sunday... But on Saturday I am going to the Faerrington to check out their wedding venues for Christine and Richard's wedding! YAY!

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